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Ijams Nature Center 

Ijmas nature center is an element of the city's Knoxville. Urban geographic region, a recreational, cultural, and historic preservation initiative championed by gift Parks Foundation, incorporating one thousand -forested acres in downtown's south city district. It creates AN exceptional recreation and historic passageway tantalizing residents and guests to expertise the special character-defining assets of the town. With over forty miles of multi-use trails, 10 parks, four war sites, unimaginable views, and alone natural options, this distinctive space provides a premiere outside expertise. Ross Marble Quarry was the primary land donation to the gift Parks Foundation. The 104 acres of the abandoned quarry is currently an exquisite addition to Ijams Nature Center, with self-praise miles of natural walking ANd biking trails and an abundance of life.


Why visit and Things to do there :


Ijams may be a 318-acre urban greenspace that includes 12+ miles of natural-surface trails and a stretch of the needed Skelton greenbelt. All trails are tramp friendly, nine plus miles within the Mead's Quarry and Ross Marble Natural space of the nature center are maintained for mountain rockers.


Of the 12+ miles of trails at Ijams, nearly ten miles long good for biking of all types. The sealed can Skelton greenbelt cuts through Ijams and may be a good way for road youth subculture or cruisers to get pleasure from the grounds. This greenbelt connects Ijams to the Forks of the watercourse life Management space and Island Home Park.


 The trails at the Ijams Quarries square measure an exquisite thanks to exploring completely different landscapes on your cycle and were created by the geographic area cycle Club.


Swim at ijmas:


​The selected swimming space of this spring-fed quarry lake could be a good spot to cool down off.

This space is swim-at-your-own-risk and there are not any lifeguards on duty.

The quarry lake is deep with fulminant drop-offs. Please watch kids and use caution to make sure the safety of others enjoying the lake. 

Jumping from hills, rocks, or rock edges is strictly prohibited.

They have many more things to do like exercise play and climb, and go and explore them. Here you find the map 

No Chemicals Used...EVER!

No Damaging Spinning Brushes

No Hole Drilling in Duct Work.

Guaranteed Honest Pricing. No Bait & Switch

** $349.00 Whole House Special is for 1,600 square feet or smaller, single level, vents in the floor home.  Some up charges for larger homes, We Are Usually Still The Most Affordable Price Around.  Call For an Exact Price:)

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