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Biltmore House and Gardens 

The largest city in Western North Carolina is Asheville, which is located amidst Swannanoa Rivers and French Board. Moreover, it is 11th in number, in terms of its populations. One of the most important points of interest in Asheville, North Carolina is Biltmore Estate. This tourist attraction was build in the years between 1889 and 1895 s the main residence mansion, also referred to as the Biltmore House or Biltmore Mansion. Furthermore, from amongst privately owned properties, Biltmore is the largest one.

The total floor space at Biltmore includes 35 bedrooms for guests and family use, 250 rooms for the house, 65 fireplaces, 3 kitchens and 43 bathrooms. Moreover, multiple facilitating novelties were installed in the mansion that include Otis Elevator, clocks which are centrally controlled, forced air heating along with a call bell system which was one of the luxuries of that time. The centerpiece of garden is a bronze and marble fountain sculpture, while the walls outside are Parthenon frieze copies. 

Biltmore House is a beautiful transformation of land into an amalgamation of indoor and outdoor fun packages and the credit of this design goes to Richard Morris who was working as an architect to complete the project. Moreover, it is the largest home covering the span of area; 17500 square feet, even more than the floor space. The Biltmore Estate is in itself a whole experience, where families can celebrate and share their happiness, thereby making beautiful memories. Moreover, the overall experience is like extending a part of Biltmore and embrace happiness. Biltmore offers a wide variety of activities and engaging options including guided visits for wine tasting, outdoor scenic beauty and visits to the gardens and guided tours around the mansion, Hiking, Yoga activities, Archery for adults as well as kids friendly activities, Morning Meditation and Chocolate Meditation. 

In addition to the aforesaid, there are activities like Creating Leaf print art, Nature Mandalas and Westover woods hike. Some of the Estate events held within Biltmore include Live Music, Fall at Biltmore, Christmas celebrations at the Estate are all a part of events. There are multiple Art Exhibitions, Fall Celebrations and Day Time Christmas events alongside great restaurants for dinning. Moreover, all these eateries inside the premises cater to the specific dietary needs of all the clients. It is a whole world inside the Biltmore Estate, which drives visitors to plan ahead and engage themselves in all these amazing activities. 

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